Halfmoon Records and Publishing is a New York City based independent record, music, and book publishing company.

Songs from the artists we work with are available for licensing on this site. contact us for more information when you find the perfect songs for your projects.

Featured Songs

Song Of Ruth (Artist: Margaret Dorn)


Crescent Moon (Artist: Julie Eigenberg)


Tequila Kiss (Artist: Jay Elle)


I Will Always Love You (Artist: Julie Eigenberg)


Shanghai (Artist: Margaret Dorn)


Rainy Day (Artist: Jay Elle)


If you wish to purchase songs please visit the artists’ respective websites.


Julie EigenbergJulie EigenbergMargaret DornMargaret DornMargaret DornMargaret DornMargaret DornMargaret DornShort Of A Heartache Jay ElleMargaret DornRising Tide Jay ElleWomen Of A Certain AgeAccidental Christmas The AccidentalsNo Sense Of Time Jay EllePopular The AccidentalsHow Long Will You Wait Jay ElleI Don't Touch Jay ElleMostly A Cappella The AccidentalsEase Up Jay ElleNot Going Home For Christmas The AccidentalsAnother Day Jay ElleIntermitent Plush The AccidentalsAngel Sings Margaret DornCrystal River Margaret DornGumbo Margaret DornSide Street Margaret DornThe Life I've Lived Margaret DornThe Real Me Margaret DornGentle Rain Jay ElleOne Voice One Guitar Volume OneUn Dernier MotRide The WaveWorthyFellini's Love SceneTequila KissNY Vol 1Margaret DornJexxxHarpyMargaret DornHarpyNY Vol 2HarpyWomen of a Certain AgeThe Essential Margaret DornNY Vol 2HarpyNY Vol 1Harpy