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Marïell brings you a unique collection of over-the-edge erotic short stories illustrated with raw, sensual photographs, bound together with tightrope poetry. This adventurous handbook takes you on an incredible journey through the eccentric mind of a prying young woman, slave to her imagination.

Filled with unusual sexual practices, experienced as ways to take charge of one’s own sexuality, this controversial book will take you to a variety of strange and exotic places: the worlds of the arts, the occult, the mystical, the surreal, and the spiritual.

Written for women, men and all those in between unafraid to take a leap of faith into Marïell’s world of fantasy, passion, surrender, and domination. For open-minded adult lovers who want to escape guided by a modern woman in a deep sexual trance, loving every kiss, bite, cut, and stroke of it. Browse the table of contents for sketches of the stories.

About the Author

Marïell began her career acting and performing her own erotic plays at private parties for patrons of the arts in Manhattan. Her underground reputation as a storyteller grew, and she was invited to read and perform at the Musée de l’Erotisme, A La Marquise Gallery, and at Le Château in Paris. Marïell’s body resides in New York City. When her soul longs to travel, it dwells in France, Egypt, Italy, and deep under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Her heart lives in all of her characters. Read with care.

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